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RoyaleHosting in 2024: Shield Panel Release, Nikhef Housing, Infrastructure Upgrades and Software

Published at Dec 31 2023

As we approach the twilight of an extraordinary 2023 and prepare to leap forward into 2024, RoyaleHosting has much to celebrate and even more to anticipate. This year, we marked our sixth year of unwavering commitment to top-notch hosting services, again witnessing the strength of our team’s resolve, expertise, and innovation.

Six Years of Delivering Excellence ⭐

Throughout our six-year journey, RoyaleHosting has been dedicated to setting ourselves apart as industry leaders in hosting services. This year, in particular, was filled with success and intense innovation. The successful launch of our new VPS manager is evidence of our commitment to continual improvement. Our Beta Shield Panel and internal Alpha Dedicated Panel are on a distinctive path to redefine firewalls and the dedicated customer experience, respectively.

The past year was also a significant improvement in our infrastructure and DDoS protection, ensuring that we meet and exceed client expectations. Reflecting on the tireless efforts of our team, we are filled with an immense sense of fulfillment and pride. What further fuels our spirits is the eagerness to welcome 2024 and embrace the new challenges it brings, committed to delivering even greater excellence in the years ahead.

Expanding Our Locations: Hello Nikhef! 🏢

As we move into 2024, RoyaleHosting makes its presence felt at a new location – Nikhef. A strategic landscape for network expansion, Nikhef will enable us to augment our network capacity significantly. With improved low-latency peers and transit offerings for our customers, we are poised to facilitate unprecedented network efficiency.

The Nikhef location is a noteworthy step towards bolstering our network’s redundancy, allowing us the agility to add more RoyaleHosting locations and expand our services further.

Welcoming 2024 🎇

Envisioning a future that reflects our growth and customer commitment, our 2024 plans are poised to raise the bar even higher. A core element of our goals is the public release of the much-awaited Shield Panel, empowering customers with advanced firewall access and ensuring optimal security.

Similarly, the public launch of our Dedicated Panel aims to enhance the experience for dedicated customers, aligning perfectly with our commitment to quality service. Furthermore, with plans to unveil new physical data center locations, we are excited to offer more diversity and flexibility for our customers through colocation and VPS server deployment.

While these exciting plans form the crux of our 2024 roadmap, we have the thrilling task of unveiling some non-disclosed strategies that promise to make RoyaleHosting’s journey in 2024 one of our most exciting years.

Farewell 2023 👋

As we bid adieu to 2023, we take this moment to appreciate our customers’ unwavering trust in RoyaleHosting, our team’s unrelenting efforts, and our shared journeys of success. We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and is ready to stride into an exhilarating 2024.

Our goals for the coming year and beyond are to meet expectations and surpass them significantly. Cheers to RoyaleHosting’s past, present, and most importantly, to the many exciting years. Here’s to touching new heights of excellence and innovation together!

Onward to 2024, and happy new year! 🥂

Posted by Jack Holmes