Premium Minecraft Hosting for a cheap price

Looking for a good domain name?

Buy your own domain for a cheap price and get enterprise support, this can be really handy for websites and minecraft servers, starting from 6 euros for a full year.

.net .eu .com .org .site .store

Owned hardware

RoyaleHosting has its own servers in the Serverius data center in the Netherlands, because of this we can offer faster servers, better DDoS protection and super fast connections everywhere in the world. We can quickly resolve physical problems and provide the best quality.

We can guarantee that our servers have the best connection everywhere in the world.

Why RoyaleHosting?

Fast support

We help our customers as fast as we can to fix their issues quickly We are just a couple clicks away.

Fast connections

We have connections to datacenters all over the world to provide the best connection anywhere.


We're always ready to fix your issues just go to the bottom right of your screen and we're ready to help you.

Fast CPUs

We have very fast processors, making your service extremely fast! Your service will never be slow.


We have very fast SSD drives, this makes your minecraft server extremely fast, you will experience no speed problems.


Fast Virtual Private Servers on a good panel with handy features to make it easy to manage your server.


We offer high quality DDoS Protection to make sure your servers do not go offline.


We make sure that our prices are always the best they can get! We provide the best quality for the lowest price.

Frequently Aksed Questions

What is the diffrence between root servers and dedicated servers?

The idea behind a root server is to make a VPS look more like a dedicated server. The server itself thinks it's a dedicated server and you get the full amount of ram and cpu usage. It's 100% for you and nobody else can use it.

How much ram do I need for my minecraft server?

If you buy a minecraft server hosting by us you have to decide how much ram you want, a typical minecraft server would need around 4-6gb, if you're using a higher minecraft version we recommand going for a higher amount of ram.

Can make my minecraft server modded?

Yes you can, if you can't figure out how to do it our employees are ready to help!

Where are your server located?

RoyaleHosting has its own servers in our colocation racks, this means that we are the full owner of our servers without any other company involved, mainly because of this we can provide stability for your minecraft server.

Do I get DDoS Protection?

Yes, Royalehosting has 1.5tbps DDoS Protection, because of that we can give the best uptime for minecraft servers and other services.

Need help? Our employees are here to help!

We have very fast support, this allows customers to host their minecraft server without any problems. If you have any problems we will fix them for you. The average response time is usually within 5 minutes!

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