singular unit

1 Unit


  • Check 2x 1Gbit/s Port

  • Check 0.5 AMP Power

  • Check A+B Feed

  • Check Redundant Setup

half rack

Half Rack

  • Up to 100Gbit/s Ports
  • Up to 32 AMP Power
  • A+B Feed
  • Redundant Setup
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full rack

Full Rack

  • Up to 100Gbit/s Ports
  • Up to 64 AMP Power
  • A+B Feed
  • Redundant Setup
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Redundant Network

Our redundant network was built from the ground up for stability

  • Peered with all major networks
  • Redundant dark fiber backbone
  • POPs within major network hubs

Security & Fire Prevention

All the facilities have the highest standards in security and fire prevention

  • VESDA system for fire detection
  • 24/7 on-site security officers
  • Biometrics, motion sensors & cameras

Power & Cooling

Fully redundant power and cooling is provided in all facilities

  • N+1 Cooling redundancy
  • N+1 Power Redundancy
  • Back-up generators on-site

Why should you choose us?

Consider choosing RoyaleHosting for your business's colocation requirements. We understand how vital it is for your server's stability, and we offer a fail-safe location for your servers with exceptional customer service. You can trust us to ensure that your data is secure.

We demonstrate our commitment to you by providing outstanding DDoS protection. We have a 2.5 Tbps protection capacity, which makes self-hosting via colocation much easier. Malicious attacks won't even get an opportunity to touch your servers. Additionally, our low-latency network backbone guarantees faster and seamless connectivity—every second counts for every business, and we ensure that every second works to your advantage. At RoyaleHosting, we promise to provide you with a service that surpasses mere hosting. We offer peace of mind, security, and the royal treatment your business deserves.

CEO Stan van de Klippe

Stan van de Klippe

CEO, RoyaleHosting

Available Datacenters

We offer colocation services in industry-leading data centers known for their high security measures and top-tier infrastructure, providing an ideal foundation for your infrastructure.

equinix am5

Equinix AM5

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Nikhef Housing

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Evocative EWR1

New York, USA

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equinix ny2

Equinix NY2

New York, USA

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