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Manage your firewall
with our powerful panel.

Effortlessly Manage your Firewall with our comprehensive Shield Panel that allows you to easily manage and fine-tune your settings on our edge network to filter at high capacity and get helpful insights into the attacks you are facing.

Shield Home
Application Shield Protect the application on your server
In Depth Analytics See what's going on
Powerful Tools Filter traffic accurately

How does it work?

HVL (High Volume Layer)

This layer operates at high capacity, utilizing the cutting-edge filtering capabilities of Corero, a leading DDoS protection provider in combination with our own advanced filtering technology to efficiently identify and mitigates high-volume DDoS attacks, ensuring that your network and infrastructure remain stable even under intense traffic loads.

UCF (User Controlled Firewall)

We empower our users with a user-controlled firewall through our intuitive Shield Panel. This panel gives you complete control over your firewall settings, allowing you to customize and fine-tune the security measures based on your specific requirements. With the Shield Panel, you can proactively manage and adapt your firewall rules to address emerging threats, giving you peace of mind and enhanced control over your online security.

AS (Application Shield)

For added protection, we offer our Application Shield that can be enabled on the shield panel. Application Shield is made to protect specific applications hosted on your server. By activating the Application Shield, all incoming traffic directed towards the server is thoroughly filtered, ensuring that only legitimate and clean traffic reaches your application.

Attack Insights

Our Shield Panel provides real-time insights into the filtered traffic during attacks. With a range of available metrics, you can monitor and analyze the impact of attacks on your service.

Available Metrics
  • Source Port
  • Destination Port
  • Packet Length
  • Protocols
  • ASN (Soon)
  • Country (Soon)
Shield Attack Logs

Analyze traffic

With our powerful tools, you can analyze and understand the traffic directed towards your server. Gain valuable insights into the patterns of incoming attacks, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your server's security.

Shield Rules

Deploy rules

Deploy rules on our edge with ease to strengthen your protection measures. Our platform offers a seamless experience for configuring and implementing rules that safeguard your service from potential threats.

Available matches
  • Bit Types
  • Fragments
  • Established Packets
  • Packet Length
  • Tracked Packets
  • ...
Shield Rules

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