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Manage your firewall
with our powerful panel.

Effortlessly Manage your Firewall with our comprehensive Shield Panel that allows you to easily manage and fine-tune your settings on our edge network to filter at high capacity and get helpful insights into the attacks you are facing.

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Application Shield Protect the application on your server
In Depth Analytics See what's going on
Powerful Tools Filter traffic accurately

Stateful 2.5Tbps+ Protection

Experience unparalleled security with our Stateful 2.5Tbps DDoS Protection for hosting. Our advanced system meticulously analyzes network traffic in real-time, pinpointing and thwarting potential attacks while ensuring legitimate traffic flows smoothly. Protect your business from unscheduled downtime with our proactive, intelligent defense that adapts to evolving threats.

Traffic Differentiation

Our sophisticated traffic differentiation algorithms ensure your business operations remain uninterrupted by using cutting-edge behavior analysis to allow legitimate users while blocking malicious attacks.

Adaptive Security Posture

Change the way you protect your server with our Shield panel to prevent harder to detect attacks with ease. We make it easy with an intuitive dashboard with no limitations except your imagination.

Cutting-Edge Analytics

Take a behind-the-scenes look at our cutting-edge DDoS mitigation analytics. We combine the latest advancements in network security technology with comprehensive analytics to provide unparalleled protection.

High Volume Level (HVL)

Volumetric Attack Protection Layer

Our comprehensive protection is meticulously designed to shield your servers from the most common first attack vector, utilizing Corero and self-built protection absorbs and nullifies massive traffic spikes. We leverage state-of-the-art technology to filter out malicious traffic at the edge, ensuring only clean traffic reaches your infrastructure.

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User Controlled Firewall (UCF)

Direct Edge Level User Firewall Acces

Bypass the limitations of traditional server-based firewalls like IP Tables, and take charge with our innovative approach that enables you to manage firewall activities seamlessly on the edge. This technology significantly reduces CPU consumption, as it mitigates threats before they even reach your server. Customize rules, block harmful traffic in real-time, and maintain optimal server performance without the processor overhead.

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Application Shield (AS)

Protect Applications by Dropping Other Traffic

A pivotal feature of our Shield Panel, designed to bring precision to your defence strategy. This powerful tool gives you the capability to exclusively permit traffic that is vital to the applications you operate, dismissing any irrelevant or potentially harmful transmissions. Our Application Shield ensures that your server remains impenetrable, operating seamlessly while affording you the tranquillity of knowing that it’s handled on the edge.

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Attack Insights

Our Shield Panel provides real-time insights into the filtered traffic during attacks. With a range of available metrics, you can monitor and analyze the impact of attacks on your service.

Available Metrics
  • Source Port
  • Destination Port
  • Packet Length
  • Protocols
  • ASN (Soon)
  • Country (Soon)
Shield Attack Logs

Analyze traffic

With our powerful tools, you can analyze and understand the traffic directed towards your server. Gain valuable insights into the patterns of incoming attacks, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your server's security.

Shield Rules

Deploy rules

Deploy rules on our edge with ease to strengthen your protection measures. Our platform offers a seamless experience for configuring and implementing rules that safeguard your service from potential threats.

Available matches
  • Bit Types
  • Fragments
  • Established Packets
  • Packet Length
  • Tracked Packets
  • ...
Shield Rules

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