Up to 16 cores Scalable

Seamlessly expand and upgrade your resources with ease, allowing your to scale your infrastructure to grow and adapt effortlessly.

Shield Panel Protected

Get full access to our DDoS protection and Shield Panel to protect yourself against DDoS attacks effectively.

> 99.95% Uptime Reliable

Our rock-solid infrastructure will ensure a reliable platform to deploy your infrastructure with at least 99.95% uptime.

Powerful CPU Performant

Our nodes use high performance Intel Xeon (Scalable) or AMD Epyc processors with high speed DDR4 ECC memory.

Configure your VPS now.

Effortlessly configure and provision a virtual private server tailored to your specific requirements within minutes.


New servers are currently deployed with the following specifications, this might change in the future

Netherlands flag


Our servers in Amsterdam are located in Equinix AM5 with high speed connectivity to the rest of Europe.

2x Xeon Platinum 8173M DDR4 ECC 100Gbit Node Uplink NVMe SSD
USA flag

New York

Our servers in New York are located in Evocative EWR1 with high speed connectivity to the rest of the USA.

2x Xeon Gold 6152 DDR4 ECC 80Gbit Node Uplink NVMe SSD
USA flag

Los Angeles (Soon)

We plan on offering servers in the Equinix datacenter in Los Angeles.

Singapore flag

Singapore (Soon)

We plan on offering servers in the Equinix datacenter in Singapore.

Support for all popular operating systems.

We offer a wide range of popular operating systems that can be installed on your vps with the click of a button.

Windows Windows
Ubuntu Ubuntu
Debian Debian
Fedora Fedora
Rocky Rocky
Alma Alma

*You can ask support to add a custom ISO, your ISO may not be approved.

You're in control
with our VPS Manager.

Enjoy a fast and seamless experience on our in house developed VPS manager built to be reliable and feature rich

Secure your server

This service includes access to our intuitive Shield Panel that offers a comprehensive suite of security features, allowing you to configure and manage firewall rules, monitor traffic, and detect any suspicious activities.

Shield Panel Access to the shield panel included
Learn more about the shield panel ->
Shield Panel