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A redundant network
you can rely and build on

RoyaleHosting offers a reliable and redundant network, enabling you to deliver a seamless and smooth experience for your users. Our network is directly connected to key services, ensuring consistently low latency for our clients.




Faster connectivity than the competition

Upgrade your connectivity to a blazing-fast transit port to ensure high availability and speeds to your server.

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A fast and reliable connection to key services.

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Behind the scenes:
The RoyaleHosting Network

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Our network in numbers


Private Backbone


IPv4 Addresses


Realtime Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions to make informed decisions effortlessly and learn more about the network.

A reduntant and global network

Enjoy unparalleled reliability and seamless connectivity across the globe with our globally distributed network infrastructure.

Global Network
Global Network

Need a Blazingly Fast connection?

Experience lightning-fast speeds with our high-speed internet services, ensuring seamless connectivity for a superior online experience.

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