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Partnering with Arelion the Leader for Global Connectivity

Published at May 16 2024

We are incredibly excited to announce a significant improvement in low-latency global connectivity. We’ve recently formed a partnership with Arelion, a premier transit provider that will improve the quality of international connectivity for our customers.

Along with adding Arelion, we have added more capacity to strengthen our infrastructure. Arelion is now a critical part of our network for low-latency transits. We want to ensure that we always have the most outstanding network available for our customers, and introducing Arelion as a transit provider backs up those claims.

Who is Arelion and Why Now?

Arelion, previously known as Telia, is a noteworthy player in the connectivity space. They provide premium transit services for organizations.

Arelion’s national IP backbone networks are the largest in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Their connectivity backbone has been improved steadily since 1991. It’s one of the largest in Europe and even worldwide. This conveys that they will provide our customers with the best possible, fastest traffic routing with the fewest number of AS hops.

Arelion has 70,000km of optical fiber routes, and as a fun fact, they have more than 45,000 customers in 125 countries.

We have implemented Arelion as a transit provider to improve customer connectivity. As Arelion focuses on a global scale, this will allow us to better cater to a worldwide audience in the hosting industry.


It has been a wonderful experience working with Arelion, and we are excited for our customers to experience this new change. We are looking forward to the opportunities that this collaboration will bring to improve our customers’ connectivity and hosting experiences for many years to come.

Posted by Jack Holmes