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RoyaleHosting at Cloudfest 2024: Join Us for a Future-Forward Cloud Conversation

Published at Jan 15 2024

We are excited to share that RoyaleHosting, your provider of DDoS-protected server hosting, is preparing for Cloudfest 2024! The event takes place in Rust, Germany, at Europa Park.

What is Cloudfest?

For those looking to become more familiar with Cloudfest, it is the premier event for leaders in the cloud-hosting industry to converge, converse, and celebrate the latest advancements in the hosting world. From March 18th to March 21st, the industry’s most radiant minds will gather to yank back the curtain on the future of the internet. We’re thrilled to be attending for the second year in a row.

Who will be there?

We are beyond excited to participate throughout the week and bring our team! Keep a lookout for the folks donning the RoyaleHosting brand:

  • CEO – Stan van de Klippe
  • COO – Dries Degreef
  • Jack Holmes (me) – your Lead of Product & Communications.

We look forward to connecting with other industry vets, forthcoming talents, and enthusiasts alike.

Why Come See Us?

Apart from diving into the latest cloud innovations, we are keen to engage in discussions that could shape the future of our business. As we scratch other experts’ shoulders and partake in enlightening talks, we’re equally enthusiastic about the one-on-one interactions that Cloudfest promotes.

We’re not here only to listen but also to find enthusiasts who will improve our future as we connect with aspiring minds. We want to uncover new opportunities to help our current and future customers remain at peace with the growing threats of DDoS attacks while providing seamless connectivity.

Schedule a Meeting

If you plan to attend Cloudfest 2024 and would like to sit down with us, we encourage you to reach out. We’re open to scheduling meetings, back-and-forths, or even casual chats over coffee. Cloudfest is not only about the big presentations; it’s about the personal connections that drive our industry forward. The ideas shared in those private moments often catalyze ingenious advancements for businesses.

We look forward to seeing you and many more at Cloudfest 2024!

Posted by Jack Holmes