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Virtual Private Servers
Fast and reliable virtual private servers. Equipped with full-isolated KVM virtualization and the security standards you desire.

In a glimpse

Start without long waiting times and annoying delay mails. Your servers will be deployed within a couple of seconds to your desires. Plug ‘n play, that’s how we call it.

Incredible performance

Quality over quantity, that’s our motto. That’s one of our promises. You get scalable performance with fast Intel® Xeon® processors, fast SSD storage and the newest generation servers.

Included with your server


Deploy your server with a wide variety of operating systems. Such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and even more. Couldn’t find the one you need? We’re glad to help and add it for you!

DDoS protection

RoyaleHosting will protect your server against all types of DDoS-attacks, from small ones to big ones. With custom firewall hard- and software we can provide the best protection out there.

Top-tier support

We offer top-tier support. Whether your question is something we’ve never experienced before or not. We’ll help you. Our support team comes in with a lot of knowledge and expertise in this market.


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