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Game Panel

Through our game panel you can manage your game server easily, quickly and safely. We are always adding new functions, to provide you with the best experience.

Lightning fast

Our game panel is super fast. This allows you to manage your server without any delay.

Custom features

We keep improving our panel everyday and add more features to make it as easy as it can be.

Easy to use

Our features allow you to manage your server in just a couple clicks.


You can do everything you want on our panel, add subusers, use sFTP and more.


We think that features can improve the user experience a lot. Here you can see all our current features.

File Manager

Our panel has an easy to use file manager with all the functionality it needs like zipping/unzipping, upload, download and more.

Sub Users

Allow other people to manage your server without giving them access to your own account, you can also add different permissions to users.


No need to find a hosting for a database, you can get a free database with your server to make sure you have everything you need.


Need to automatically restart your server, kill all sheep every 12 hours or broadcast something? You can automate everything with our task feature.

sFTP Management

Connect to your server with a secure sFTP connection to upload big files or make it easy to manage your folders without any risks.


Keep an eye on your server usage to quickly resolve lag problems and see when your server is running out of ram.

Sub Domain Manager

Want to use a domain without a port? You can make a subdomain in just a couple clicks with our sub domain manager feature.

Version Changer

Update your server to the newest version or change it to another version easily and quick with our version changer feature.

Server Propeties Editor

Edit the server setting like player limit, motd and default gamemode quickly and easily with the server properties editor.