Enterprise Dedicated Servers
Powerful bare-metal servers which can be used to realize your dreams. Build, deploy and watch your goals getting succeeded.

Processor(s) Memory Storage Location Uplink Price
2x E5-2620 (12c / 24t) 32GB 240GB SSD 1Gbit €65/m Order
2x E5-2620 (12c / 24t) 64GB 480GB SSD 1Gbit €75/m Order
2x E5-2660 (16c / 32t) 48GB 240GB SSD 1Gbit €85/m Order
2x E5-2650 (16c / 32t) 32GB 120GB SSD 10Gbit €100/m Order
2x E5-2665 (16c / 32t) 32GB 240GB SSD 10Gbit €115/m Order
2x E5-2690 (16c / 32t) 64GB 480GB SSD 10Gbit €200/m Order

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