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In Full Control

RoyaleHosting has fully owned hardware, network and datacenter-floors and is thereby in full control of whatever happens within our datacenter.

Ensured Quality

Quality over quantity, that’s our motto. That’s one of our promises.

No markup fee

We deliver the best possible price because we are in full control.


We do not rely on 3rd party companies to get things done.

Industry leading DDoS protection

There's a reason why our DDoS protection is the go-to choice for those who need the best protection possible. It's been tested against the largest and most sophisticated attacks, and it has the features and flexibility to deal with any attack scenario. Our DDoS protection is the best way to keep your server up and running in the face of a DDoS attack.


Private Datacenter Floors

By utilizing our private data center floors in Cellnex, we can ensure that we have full control over the floors, cooling, security, and power redundancy. By doing this we were also able to tweak the cooling for our use case, this results in the best possible cooling for our hardware.

Owned hardware

We fully own the hardware for the services we provide, and because of this RoyaleHosting is always able to guarantee the quality we want to deliver. We also always maintain a large stock, by doing this we can rapidly deploy any hardware necessary for the customer use case.


High quality network

We offer a fully redundant and low latency high-quality network, we are able to deliver this high-quality network by operating our own dark fibers and utilizing enterprise networking gear such as Arista and Juniper.

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